Tea Tree Oil – Just the Facts 5

Tea tree oil is the most commonly-recommended oil when it comes to repelling something living; whether that’s bacteria or mold or fungus, tea tree is a go-to active ingredient in many natural products used for cleaning or disinfecting. Specifically, it is widely thought that tea tree oil can be useful […]

Tea tree oil - everyone knows it's highly antimicrobial, but what does that mean for practical use? Click the image to read about the scientifically verified benefits of tea tree oil!

MONQ Review; Learn about how it works + effectiveness and safety according to science.

MONQ Review – An Honest, Scientific Perspective 1

MONQ. Have you heard of it? Chances are if you show any interest in essential oils or healthy living on Facebook, you’ve seen their ads. A 20-something sitting in a forest or on a mountain or at the beach, apparently vaping. Many of you have seen this and heard that […]

Top 3 Essential Oils for Sleep 10

The real title of this article should be “The Top Essential Oil for Sleep and a Few Others that Might Just Help.” While lavender oil has been extensively studied for sleep, the same cannot be said for any other essential oil. Most other oils that have been studied have less […]

Learn about the best essential oils for sleep according to scientific research. Hint: one of them far outperforms the others!

People have been asking which essential oil company is the best ever since they've been sold. This post contains a scientific perspective and evaluation of a few of the most popular companies.

Which Essential Oil Company is the Best? 73

Hooolyyy cow. This question comes up in nearly every essential oil forum/group I’ve ever been in, and is probably the most widely debated. This topic is probably going to be one of the most controversial topics I ever write about. BUT I am prepared not only for your dissenting (but […]

Top 3 Essential Oils for Cleaning Your House 15

While essential oils have a myriad of health benefits, they can also be a natural alternative for many noxious commercial cleaning products. One of the properties that makes them so effective is that many oils are antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, or a combination of all 3. However, choosing essential oils for […]

Many EOs are antibacterial but which ones kick the most bacteria butt in your home? Here are the top 3 essential oils for cleaning your home.

Coconut oil has been lauded across the internet for it’s health and beauty benefits. But does it stand up under the microscope of peer-reviewed science? Read on to learn the benefits of coconut oil according to science.

Benefits of Coconut Oil According to Science 6

Coconut oil has been lauded across the internet for it’s health and beauty benefits. But does it stand up under the microscope of peer-reviewed science? Read on to learn the benefits of coconut oil according to science. Health benefits Weight Loss Heart health Lower blood pressure Anti-Inflammatory Wound Healing Antimicrobial […]

6 Essential Oil Safety Tips for Cat Owners 15

 Curiosity killed the cat. And essential oils can too if you’re not careful.  We all love our feline friends, but they have an uncanny knack for getting into things they shouldn’t. So it’s our job as responsible pet owners to be in the know about what’s dangerous for them and […]

Top Essential Oils for Cold and Flu Season 3

It seems like everyone is getting sick this time of year, even me <cough cough>. And even if you’ve had your flu shot and you are eating well, sometimes getting sick is unavoidable. However, there are a few essential oils you can use to not only reduce your chances of […]

Delicious Clean Eating Kolacki – Polish Apricot Cookies

Growing up in a (half) polish family, dinner at grandma Betczynski’s house often meant pounds of hand-stuffed polish sausage, cheesy potato pierogis, and for dessert, Kolacki, or polish apricot cookies.  Once I moved out, these cookies became part of my own holiday traditions. However, even though the holidays can be a time […]

Are you making these common diffusing mistakes that can degrade your oils into dangerous toxins? Click the image to find out what the top 4 mistakes to avoid when diffusing essential oils are!

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Diffusing Essential Oils 8

Diffusing is a great method to use to enjoy the benefits of essential oils, plus it’s generally safer than other methods because the diffusion through the air is a forced dilution, minimizing the risk of an adverse reaction. However, this generally safe method can become toxic when implemented incorrectly, so […]