Catherine Rudolph

About Catherine Rudolph

Hi, I'm Catherine Rudolph, CNC (Certified Nutrition Consultant), Teacher, Health Coach. In 1992 I graduated with a B.S. from Indiana University, Bloomington IN, with a growing interest in nutrition. My diet consisted of soda and junk food. I began having problems with chronic fatigue, muscle pain, and nerve pain, among other things, that were all affecting my quality of life and only getting worse as time progressed. I had to do something! ‚Äč After many visits to medical doctors, who were not able to help me, I began to do my own research. I found true healing through diet changes, cleansing, whole food supplementation, and prayer. As a result, I decided to further my education as a Certified Nutrition Consultant, and feel blessed to be able to help others through their own journey to health & wholeness.