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Hello I’m Jenna ! I run MeowLifestyle a weekly blog that features cat nutrition, cat product reviews and stylish cat-friendly homes. I started the blog to share my experiences of making raw cat food. It is my passion to attend to my cats’ nutritional, emotional and biological needs, while maintaining a clean, stylish cat-friendly home.

Clean Eating for Your Cat 2

I’m always working to make sure I’m eating as healthy as I can (without depriving myself of pizza), but I never really gave much thought about what I was feeding my cat. I mean sure I tried to buy the healthiest looking food, but I didn’t put the kind of […]

Clean Eating for Your Cat | Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in making sure we're eating healthy that we forget about our pets. And it turns out, standard dry food isn't really very good for your cat. Click through to find out what you should actually be feeding your cat.