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I stumbled upon this method of wart removal, and I was surprised how well it works! All it uses is copaiba essential oil. Click the photo to read the whole story.So I don’t normally write posts with only personal stories about the uses for essential oils, but I recently had an experience that is too amazing not to share.

My friend has had several warts on his hand as long as I’ve known him. He’s tried all the usual (painful) ways of getting rid of them (salicylic acid, freezing, Terrasil, even candida injections). Unfortunately, no matter what he tried, they always came back, and it hurt me to see how much pain each removal attempt caused him. The most he could do was keep them from growing by applying a cream every day (which he soon grew tired of). A painless method of wart removal was way more than I could hope for at the time.

Since I’ve recently begun experimenting with essential oils, I convinced him to try a little of Young Living’s blend Stress Away. He rubbed it on his hands, temples and neck as recommended. Soon after, he noticed that some of I stumbled upon this method of wart removal, and I was surprised how well it works! All it uses is copaiba essential oil. Click the photo to read the whole story.his warts were getting smaller, and after reading about the supposed benefits of copaiba oil, we thought that might be the cause (because the blend contains copaiba). Luckily, a bottle of copaiba oil came with my starter kit, so we started applying that to his warts every other day (according to my research the oil can be applied to skin without dilution). And like some miracle, his warts started disappearing. All but the two biggest warts are now completely gone, barely even leaving a scar on the skin. In the picture, you can see in the smaller circle the warts still remaining, and in the bigger circle you can sort of see a circle of redness where the other warts used to be. (I wish I’d thought to take pictures sooner, but I had no idea this would work so fast!)

I must say, I’m still blown away by this result. And while the scientist in me knows that this doesn’t conclusively prove that copaiba oil can remove warts effectively, it’s hard to ignore what I’ve seen happen. If there is a possibility that this painless treatment might work for someone else, I want to share it to save them the pain of the traditional treatments. Not to mention there’s no real harm in trying it if it ends up not working.

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If you end up trying this method, let me know how well it works for you in the comments below! 

Note: None of the advice presented in this article is meant to replace the advice of a certified medical doctor. 

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Rachel is a blogger and Biophysics Lab Manager who lives in Clemson, SC (go tigers!). After studying conventional pharmaceuticals and how they target specific ailments, she applied that knowledge to figuring out how essential oils can work to treat the same ailments, and ended up creating the blog The Essential Girl.

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  • Heather

    thank you Rachel for your activity and blogging. Waht can you tell about the people with high risk of allergic reactions?

    • If you have a high risk of having an allergic reaction, I would recommend talking with your doctor about the safety of trying out oils in small doses or on small sections of skin at very dilute concentrations (1% or less) to gauge if you are allergic.

  • Marites T. Ignacio

    will try the copaiba on my wart and will let you know.