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Tea Tree Oil – Just the Facts 5

Tea tree oil is the most commonly-recommended oil when it comes to repelling something living; whether that’s bacteria or mold or fungus, tea tree is a go-to active ingredient in many natural products used for cleaning or disinfecting. Specifically, it is widely thought that tea tree oil can be useful […]

Tea tree oil - everyone knows it's highly antimicrobial, but what does that mean for practical use? Click the image to read about the scientifically verified benefits of tea tree oil!

Peppermint Oil – Just the Facts

Due to the insanely large volume of misinformation available on the properties of essential oils, it is my continuing mission to compile for you a list of facts for each oil. Presented below is my (ever-growing) list of the properties of peppermint oil, and the studies that support each claim. As […]