People have been asking which essential oil company is the best ever since they've been sold. This post contains a scientific perspective and evaluation of a few of the most popular companies.

Which Essential Oil Company is the Best? 65

People have been asking which essential oil company is the best ever since they've been sold. This post contains a scientific perspective and evaluation of a few of the most popular companies.Hooolyyy cow. This question comes up in nearly every essential oil forum/group I’ve ever been in, and is probably the most widely debated. This topic is probably going to be one of the most controversial topics I ever write about. BUT I am prepared not only for your dissenting (but respectful) comments, but also to answer all of your questions about why I chose the company I currently buy from and give you the tools you need to choose a company for yourself. So in today’s post, I will attempt to answer the ever-pervading question: Which essential oil company is the best?


Factors that Affect How ‘Good’ an Essential Oil Company Is

Before we go and make a decision about which essential oil company is the best, it is imperative that we set the criteria for making this decision and then evaluate each company by the same criteria. Other posts on this topic tend to follow the pros/cons list format, which I feel does not give as accurate of a picture of the comparative quality of each company.

Quality of Oils

The first obvious criteria to judge an essential oil company by is the quality of their oils. I’ll talk wayyy more about that further down, but basically you want to buy from a company that sells pure oils that are properly sourced.


Another important quality of a good essential oil company is their transparency. How much of their process do they share with the public? Do they post quality assessments of their oils? Are they willing to answer customer questions directly about specific products? Any company without this level of transparency leaves me feeling a little skeptical.

Customer Service

In line with the point above, it’s important for a good essential oil company to have good customer service, meaning they are willing to handle complaints immediately and gracefully, and are willing to share any information you ask for in terms of the quality of the oils.

Quality of Information

Many essential oil companies have blogs or resources about essential oils for their customers. Often these sorts of postings include safety information and recommended uses for their products. However I have seen some companies giving out bad or misguided advice as to the use of their essential oils, so an important measure of an essential oil company, for me, is the quality of the information they provide to their customers.


Contrary to our instincts, more expensive does not equal better quality. While there is a correlation, cost alone cannot be used to describe the quality of something. Therefore, simply looking for the most expensive oils does not guarantee the best quality oils, just as the fact that an oil is affordable doesn’t guarantee that it’s not good quality.

You’ll want to look for the company that meets your quality standards while charging a reasonable price (yes, it is possible to find such a company!).


How to Tell if an Oil is Good Quality

One of the first things to look for when assessing the quality of an essential oil is the sourcing of the plants that it is extracted from, i.e. where the plants are grown and harvested. This matters because the climate and cultivation methods where the plants are grown can have an effect on the final composition of the oil extracted from them. This study is a good example of this, showing that the final composition can vary quite drastically depending simply on the soil chemistry where the plant is grown.

In order to make sure your oil will be effective as described by research, look for companies that source their oils from places where the plants natively grow, as this is the most common sourcing for oils used in scientific studies. This will ensure that your oils have not only the most natural composition profile, but also a most similar profile to the oils tested by science.

The next thing to look for is the purity of the oil. You’ll want to make sure that you’re buying 100% pure oils (contrary to what others might say, there is no FDA regulation stating that an oil can be labeled 100% pure and still only contain ~5% of a pure oil).

However, some quality standards used by essential oil companies in the USA are pretty much made up. There is no third party regulator deciding if something is ‘therapeutic grade,’ it’s simply an internal standard made up by the company. That’s not to say it means nothing, because some companies do hold themselves to high standards, but it can be hard to trust without the third party regulation.

Europe has a little bit more regulation on essential oils than the states, but that still adds no credibility to any internal standards a company says they have.

You now may be thinking, well crap, if there’s no regulation how am I ever supposed to figure out the quality of an oil? (I hit this wall too when I was beginning my oil research)

Well, science has an answer, as usual. There is a way of evaluating the composition of essential oils using gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy (GC/MS). Chromatography simply means the separation of a mixture by passing it through a medium where the different components travel at different rates (think about the difference between a rock and a feather travelling through the air). Similarly, essential oils can be separated into their components, which can then be measured based on mass.

In order to truly evaluate the quality of an oil, you would need to compare the GC/MS profile of the oil to the standard or expected profile of the oil (most test results automatically do this for you).

Unfortunately, only a few companies will provide this information, and a few provide it under intense request, making it really difficult to know the true quality of the oils you’re buying. The best companies in this category will provide a full GC/MS for each batch of oil, and some even give you the comparisons right on the report.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the extraction method used by the company when evaluating their oils. There are a few different ways oils can be extracted (steam distillation, expression, enfluerage, solvent extraction, and more). The method of extraction can have a marked effect on the quality of the final oil because there are so many variables involved. In steam distillation alone, a small change in temperature or pressure can significantly affect the final composition of the oil. More concerning, though, are chemical solvent extraction methods, which use things like hexane (widely villanized chemical used for extracting coconut and other food-grade oils). It is known that this method tends to leave a residue, however it is not known for sure how much the low concentration residue affects the humans using the oils.

In general, you’ll want to look for companies that either cold press (usually citrus oils are extracted this way) or use carefully controlled steam distillation.


Which Essential Oil Company is the Best

Alrighty guys, this is the moment of truth.

Since I can’t possibly evaluate every essential oil company in existence, I’ve chosen to look at the ones that I have direct experience with so far (and I’ll be adding to this post as I gain experience with more companies). If you are really devoted to, or curious about a company that’s not here, let me know so I can check them out and add them to the list!

Companies I’ve evaluated so far:

  • Young Living
  • doTERRA
  • Plant Therapy
  • GEO Essentials
  • Rocky Mountain Oils
  • Pompeii Organics
  • Stillpoint Aromatics
  • Eden’s Garden
  • Golden Poppy
  • Living Libations
  • Now Foods
  • Melaleuca
  • Simply Earth
  • NUMA – Ancient Apothecary
  • Aura Cacia
  • Organixx – Previously Epigenetic Labs

Just a quick reminder of the list of criteria:

  • Quality of Oils
  • Transparency
  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Information
  • Cost


My personal pick: Plant Therapy

-This is one of the few companies that posts third party GC/MS profiles for every batch of oil they sell, so I know right away the quality of the oil I’m getting before I ever buy it. They also offer several oils as organic. In addition, in the profile of every oil they offer sourcing and distillation information.

-PT seems to be pretty transparent about their practices. In addition to offering third party GC/MS results, PT has an expert chemist with 40yrs experience in essential oils evaluate the qualtiy of the oils before they go for GC/MS testing.

-While I have no personal experience with their customer service, everyone raves about how professional and timely the responses are.

-PT has an extensive blog with information about essential oils and how to use them. While the information seems to be good, I was somewhat disappointed by the quality of the sources cited when making claims about things oils can be used for.

-PT is one of the most cost-effective companies I’ve ever come across, and additionally, they offer free shipping.

You can buy Plant Therapy Oils Here


Second Choice: Rocky Mountain Oils

-RMO is another company, like PT, that provides access to third party test results for each of the oils they sell. There has been one incidence that I know of where an oil tested did not pass, and that is their German Chamomile, which was listed in the results as ‘misrepresented.’ (more on that here) They do provide the sourcing and distillation information for each oil as well.

-Because RMO provides the GC/MS profiles, as well as their plant source information, I give them a high score for transparency. My one complaint about this though, is that to see the GC/MS profiles you have to enter a lot number on their website, which you can only get from a bottle of oil you already have bought.

-I haven’t personally interacted with their customer service team, but I’ve talked to people who have, and I’ve always heard that they respond appropriately in a timely manner.

-RMO also has a blog, similar to PT, but avoids posting about essential oil uses that might need scientific references. However, the recommendations provided by RMO align with safe practices; I’ve never seen them recommending something I don’t agree with or consider unsafe.

-While these aren’t the cheapest oils you can buy, they are mostly reasonably priced, and they are always shipped for free.

You can buy Rocky Mountain Oils here

Other companies I’ve evaluated

Young Living

-YL has a bit of a history with quality complaints (you can read more about that here). They also refuse to post their GC/MS results and instead suggest that you get your oils tested yourself. Some people have gone and done this, and so far it has been found that Cinnamon, Spearmint, and Thieves are not pure oils (overview of test results here). These results are from March and May of 2016, so I can’t say if the quality has improved since then. There are also several oils that have been tested and have been found to be pure (results here), so it’s not all bad.

-An additional mark against YL is their lack of transparency. While they do state where their oils are sourced, the lack of willingness to provide third party test results (or even their own test results for that matter) for their oils is a major negative for me, and somewhat suspicious.

-HOWEVER, I will say that YL is rare in that it is not a re-bottler. Most companies are re-bottlers, meaning they buy oils already distilled and re-bottle them, changing the labels. YL distills its own oils, controlling the process from “seed to seal” as they like to say. They also take care to source the plants for their oils carefully from the native countries, which can have a marked effect on quality as mentioned above.

-In terms of customer service, I’ve seen over and over that YL has not handled the quality complaints very well, either refusing to answer or giving non-committal responses.

-The quality of information that YL provides is also lacking. YL and their reps recommend using several of their oils neat (not diluted), and while that is acceptable short-term, it can cause sensitisation in the long-run. Some people even go so far as to claim it’s simply to get you to use more oil and buy more often.

-Finally, in terms of cost, YL is overpriced, especially if you aren’t getting the wholesale prices (which you can only get by buying a starter kit and becoming a rep).

Some of you may notice that some of my posts contain pictures of YL oils. Yes, those are my oils and my pictures. My first experience with essential oils was with YL, as I am one of those who got drawn into the MLM marketing. While I will still use the oils I have, I won’t be buying from them again.



-doTERRA is similar to YL in terms of quality complaints, but from what I can see most of the quality issues are labelling issues and not purity issues (information about that here). DT has also recently begun offering GC/MS results for their oils. While that’s a step in the right direction, there are two problems I still have with this. The first is that the testing is not third-party and the second is that it has the same issue as RMO in that you must purchase a bottle and enter the lot number to see the results. Lastly, while DT provides distillation information, sourcing information for their oils is not provided on the oil profile.

-Because DT provides at least some form of GC/MS profile for their oils, they are showing a certain level of transparency that YL does not.

-DT’s customer service responded in a timely and appropriate manner to the quality claims mentioned above, and took immediate action to fix the labelling of their oils. I don’t have any other evaluation of their customer service, though, because I have personally never bought from them.

-The quality of information provided by DT tends to be lacking specific guidelines. For example, this post about how to use essential oils mentions using them internally but only when following the “labelling guidelines or a professional recommendation”. I find this sort of statement to be somewhat useless because not only does it not provide any truly helpful information, above that statement they talk about adding essential oils to food and taking them in capsules as supplements, which can easily lead the non-careful reader to simply begin adding them to food in the suggested “small” amounts indicated by those bullet points.   

-The cost of DT oils is very similar to YL, and I would say they are equally overpriced.


GEO Essentials

This is a fairly new company that I found because they contacted me and asked me to review their oils. I did receive free oils from this company, but I did not sign any contract agreeing to review them in return. Nonetheless, I figured I should include them in this post.

-In terms of quality, this company is up to par. They provide the GC/MS results for each lot of oil before you buy (although it’s not quite clear which lot you will be buying from when multiple are listed). They also have several organic oils for sale.

-Additionally, they provide a handy post that shows you how to actually read the GC/MS results, which I’ve found to be very helpful and gives them points toward transparency.

-Their customer service is quite good in my experience. I communicated with them a fair bit with questions about their oils and sourcing and always received a detailed, timely response.

-While they don’t have a blog as some other companies do, they do provide a few informational posts on their site with information about how essential oils are distilled and some safety recommendations. I like that they specifically do not recommend internal usage of their oils, or any oils. This topic is highly controversial and while I don’t think it’s wrong to talk about using oils internally, I realize that recommending them to be used internally could increase sales, so the fact that they choose not to make this recommendation in the face of controversial information that could benefit them makes me trust them a little more.

-In terms of cost, this company is mid-range; more expensive than PT and less expensive than YL and DT.

Pompeii Organics

-This company provides up-to-date GC/MS results for every batch of oil they sell, and include archives for previous batches on their website. The test results are single page, lacking the original data that most other companies provide; instead they provide a simple summary page. That in itself isn’t too suspicious, and might even be done that way to make it easier for the customer to read. However, unlike an original report, these summaries don’t have the signature of a scientist confirming that the profile matches expectations. I’m not 100% confident in the quality of these oils, but I don’t suspect they are not good quality either. I guess I’m only 90% confident in the quality. 

-This company is great with transparency. Each oil is labeled with the country of origin, cultivation method, distillation method, and distillation rate. They’re also a small company that shares a lot of behind the scenes type content.

-Although I have not personally interacted with the company, people tell me that the customer service is great. They even have an aromatherapist on staff to help answer your questions.

-The information provided by this company is lacking. They offer a touch of advice about how to use their oils, and a page about dilutions, but their blog is mainly information about the company and gift ideas. 

-This company is in the mid-high cost range, even for organic. 

Stillpoint Aromatics

-Stillpoint Aromatics provides a current GC/MS report for each oil. However, it is a single page summary report, and based on other reports I’ve seen, I can see that it does not separate out as many of the less-abundant compounds in the oil (if you add up all the provided percentages you will get a number less than 100 by as much as 15%). This type of reporting doesn’t gain my vote of confidence.

-The transparency of this company is only so-so. They don’t provide much information about their sourcing for each EO (only saying they import from all over the world, and noting a country for each oil), although the company itself has a very extensive and detailed back-story on the about page. 

-I’ve never interacted with their customer service, and I don’t know anyone who has, so please let me know how your experience was in the comments so I can fill in this section.

-The information provided by the company is a comprehensive bare-minimum. They provide the standard dilution information and safety information, and they do so in an easy-to-read comprehensive way, but they don’t provide much further information about each essential oil.

-This company has some of the highest priced oils I’ve seen. I would say it’s not a great value.

Eden’s Garden

-I’d say the quality of these oils is probably good. They provide an GC/MS report for each oil that is comprehensive and clearly states at the end that no adulteration was detected. However, they don’t separate their reports by lot number (I don’t even see that the oils themselves have lot numbers). This  doesn’t mean that the report on the website isn’t current with the oils, but it makes it harder for the consumer to track for sure the chemistry of the particular oil they’re buying. I also really cringe when I read the claim that their oils are 100% therapeutic quality. As I have mentioned, this is not an external standard, rather an internal standard that a company sets for itself. When companies use this misleading terminology, it makes me question their motives and then the true overall quality of their oils.

-Leading in from above, using a made-up standard lowers the perception of transparency in the company, lowers my trust in them. My top companies use external, scientifically-based standards to describe the quality of their oils without resorting to this misleading marketing tactic. 

-I’ve never interacted with Eden’s Garden customer service, but if you’ve had experiences you’d like to share to help me fill in this section, let me know in the comments!

  • Sheri says “amazing customer service. I have messaged them twice – once on a shipment error and once for clarification on a recipe they provided and both times I got instant responses that were very helpful.”

-The general information provided by this company is pretty great. They give you a nice comprehensive look at what essential oils are, how they’re distilled, and how to blend them. It could definitely include more specific information about each oil. 

-These oils seem to be pretty fairly priced. They aren’t as cheap as my top choice, Plant Therapy, but they’re not a bad value either. 

Golden Poppy

-This company does not provide GC/MS analysis of their oils, which makes me immediately doubt their quality.

-Golden Poppy comes across as a genuine, small-town company. While they don’t always provide specific information about their products upfront, they’re more than happy to answer your questions to the best of their ability.

-That being said, the customer service is good. I’ve interacted with them once a few years back, and I had a good experience. 

-While educational information about oils on the website is lacking, this company also puts on classes about herbalism and oils. Many are paid classes locally, but I once attended a free webinar, and the information was top-notch. I trust that these people are well-educated about essential oils and are providing sound, safe advice for their use.

-The cost is mid-high, depending on the oil you’re buying. 

Living Libations

-While Living Libations does provide analysis of their oils, they provide a GC-FID instead of a GC/MS report. The difference is the type of analysis. FID stands for flame ionization detector, while MS is mass spectroscopy. Without getting too bogged down in the technicalities of it all, the takeaway that you should know is that while FID can be an accurate method, it often is not as accurate as MS when analyzing essential oils. I also noticed that they provide only one report from one lot of oils, whereas other companies test every single lot of oils, and the available test is nearly a year old at the time of this writing. I do not trust the quality of these oils.

-Transparency in this company seems low. Since they do not provide quality reports for each lot, the quality reports are in French, and the provided quality reports do not state a conclusion about the purity of the oils. You would have to know a lot of science (and some french) to be able to read their results. It feels like they are hiding something by making these reports difficult to access.

-In terms of customer service, I honestly have no idea. I have never interacted with this company before. I’d love to hear your experiences to fill in this section.

-This company does try to provide a lot of educational information about essential oils. They provide information about dilutions, carrier oils, and a few paragraphs on each oil they sell. 

-Living Libations is in the mid-high price range. You definitely won’t be getting your best deal here. 

Now Foods

-This company does not provide GC/MS testing for their oils, and I am very suspicious of their quality especially considering their prices. They do claim that they run many tests in-house, but keeping the test results private can imply the fact that the results aren’t as pure as other companies. 

-Now Foods provides very limited information about their essential oils, leaving out crucial information about sourcing and bottling. This is also a very large company, which usually leads to a certain level of lacking transparency about business practices. From the info provided on their website, I’m not inclined to trust this company.

-Again, I don’t know how their customer service is, and I’d love to hear stories from you to help fill in this section.

-Now Foods does a poor job educating consumers about essential oils. Most of their information about EOs page answers questions customers have about the company and how they prepare their oils, and not much about the oils themselves and how they should be used. However, I will say that this is the only company I’ve seen to provide an MSDS (material safety data sheet) for each of their oils. This can provide helpful safety information, and is the standard safety sheet used for chemicals stored in laboratories. 

-The price is incredibly low. According to the company, this has to do with cutting out a couple of the middle men along the way. But for me, if a price is too low/good to be true, it’s probably not true. 


-Melaleuca claims that their oils are tested to meet “stringent quality standards” but they don’t tell you what those standards are, and they don’t provide any test results to their consumers. I can’t trust the quality of these oils

-This is a member-based company, offering lower prices to wholesale members. Because of the membership barrier, I’m actually not able to find out too much about the company unless I become a member. Transparency at this level is low.

-Again, I don’t know how their customer service is, and I’d love to hear stories from you to help fill in this section.

-Also, as a non-member, I’m not sure if I have access to all of the educational information they have available about essential oils. But judging from what they have publicly available, it seems to be a minimum. If this is all the info they offer, they are not doing a good job educating people about essential oils and how to use them safely.

-Cost is low-mid range. Very reasonable. 

Simply Earth

-This company does not provide GC/MS testing for their oils. Their only claim is that their oils are 100% pure. As you know, I can’t take their word for it; I need test results.

-They don’t reveal very much about their process besides country of origin and distillation method. There’s a page that talks a little about the steps, but it’s very generic information. They definitely aren’t as transparent as some of the top companies. 

-Again, I don’t know how their customer service is, and I’d love to hear stories from you to help fill in this section.

-While this company doesn’t provide a lot of essential oil information on their website, they do offer the option to ask the aromatherapist on staff any questions you may have over email. This can be very helpful for specific questions, but I find that someone who doesn’t know much about oils to start with doesn’t even know what questions to ask. 

-Prices are on the low end, near the almost-too-good-to-be-true side of things. 

NUMA – Ancient Apothecary – Dr. Axe

-These oils do not seem to be GC/MS tested. Looking through the sales website, I actually can’t even find information saying the oils are quality tested at all. Feel free to direct me to any pages with this info, but I suspect it doesn’t exist. I am very wary because there are not even any claims that these are pure oils. 

-Dr. Axe as a person seems like he tries to be transparent, but my experience with him is that he is very careful about what he lets you know about anything. Going through his blog posts, I see a distinct lack of research cited to back up his medical claims, and I’m not inclined to trust him. 

-Again, I don’t know how their customer service is, and I’d love to hear stories from you to help fill in this section.

-As I said before, Dr. Axe does have blog posts about specific essential oils and their uses and cautions and such, which is great. However my sticking point is that he rarely references real research, and when he does, he doesn’t link to it. These are either sloppy practices or just simply shady. 

-The price of these oils is mid-range. 


Aura Cacia

-This company does not provide GC/MS results or any other test results to their customers. They claim to be tested for purity, but they do not mention how they are tested or what the standards are. You know what I’m gonna say: I need data. 

-Not much info is provided about their oils. Country of origin is provided, but that’s about it. Transparency about their essential oils is very low. I feel like I know nothing about it after reading the sales page.

-Again, I don’t know how their customer service is, and I’d love to hear stories from you to help fill in this section.

-The quality of information is pretty baseline info, but comprehensive. However, you do have to kind of dig around for this info; the sales page has instructions that honestly just say “dilute properly.” and leave it at that. So while the info is there, it’s not easily accessible, and I just have to laugh at their ridiculously vague directions. 

-The prices are mid range, nothing too crazy. 

Organixx – Previously Epigenetic Labs

-This company does not provide GC/MS test results for their oils. They have a lot of information about oil purity and the fact that many oils on the market today are not pure, but they fail to give the real proof that their oils are actually pure. 

-They don’t talk about sourcing at all that I can see, not even providing the country of origin for their oils. I assume they are a re-bottling company, not buying directly from distillers. 

-Again, I don’t know how their customer service is, and I’d love to hear stories from you to help fill in this section.

-I don’t see much of any information about essential oils on the website, except for the page talking about essential oil purity. They have done a poor job informing their customers about oils and how to use them properly.

-Organixx prices are mid-range. They sell in large bottles only though. 

For your convenience, I’ve made this table of pricing for the companies evaluated. The prices shown are wholesale for the MLM companies, and when a 5mL bottle was not available, the price shown is adjusted as such to show what the price would be for 5mL. 

People have been asking which essential oil company is the best ever since they've been sold. This post contains a scientific perspective and evaluation of a few of the most popular companies.


Well there you have it! Plant Therapy is my number one choice right now, but I turn to Rocky Mountain Oils when PT doesn’t have the oil or blend I’m looking for.
Don’t forget to let me know which companies you trust and buy from and why in the comments below! It is my intention to make this post insanely helpful and I’d love to include as much information as possible.






About Rachel

Rachel is a blogger and Biophysics Lab Manager who lives in Clemson, SC (go tigers!). After studying conventional pharmaceuticals and how they target specific ailments, she applied that knowledge to figuring out how essential oils can work to treat the same ailments, and ended up creating the blog The Essential Girl. When she’s not blogging or sciencing the shit out of something in the lab, she likes to swing dance and teach group fitness classes.

  • Emily Brown (Crunchy Mama Scie

    I love that you wrote this and I agree! I have been buying from Pompeii Organics recently and I was wondering what you thought? I am loving their oils and hydrosols! I also purchased from Stillpoint Aromatics but my Frank oxidized super fast and they didn’t respond when I asked about it 🙁 🙁

    • Pompeii Organics looks good for the most part. I see that they post GC/MS for each batch, but they don’t seem to be third-party as claimed (there is a pompeii organics watermark on the reports). Additionally the reports provide no comparison to the standard for the oil, making it very difficult for a normal person to figure out what it all means and if it’s all what it’s supposed to be. They are also a little on the expensive side compared to plant therapy and RMO (and their lavender is actually more expensive than any I’ve seen).
      Stillpoint Aromatics does the same thing with their reports. They are self-branded and do not offer any conclusion or comparison of their oil to any standard composition for that oil. These oils are also the most expensive on my list so far by a long shot.

  • Rachel Carter

    If I may, you should give Eden’s Garden a try. Top quality oils, super low prices. If I am remembering correctly, they fit all your criteria, as well as free shipping on any size orders in the US. I’ve ordered from them several times, I can’t recommend them enough. Oh, and they donate part of every purchase to charity!

  • Sara Richter I will be the first to say “thank you.” I have wanted a presentation of what to look for and how to evaluate a company for a long time. I have found Edens’s Garden to be comparable to Rocky Mountain and I will definitely check out plant therapy. Here’s the information from Eden’s on the back of one of their carrier oils. They are very transparent and highly in support of safe use of oils.

  • Karla

    It would have been helpful to know which companies were being compared. Just the ones listed? I, too, use Edens Garden EO and would like to know how they measure up?

  • Looks like I’m going to need to take a look at Eden’s Garden! I’ve never heard of them before, but from what you guys are telling me they sound like a good choice.

    • Laurel Watkins Watney

      I also use Eden’s Garden and love them! 🙂
      Thanks for this really helpful article. I had never heard of Plant Therapy before, so I appreciate all your research.

    • Steffanie Liebman

      Please add Spark Naturals & Mountain Rose Herbs to your list to evaluate! Also Ameo Essential Oils (Zija International is a MLM brand that has Ameo Oils line… they say they are “clinical” grade….

  • Thank you for this super helpful post. It isn’t easy selecting a company. Thank you for doing this work for us! 🙂

  • Jolene

    Epigenetic Labs – This is a fairly new company but I like who backs it. That being said, I am aware that doesn’t make them automatically meet the standards they should. This is why I am including them in asking what you find out about them. They branch into different items as well so not sure purty wise. Thanks for the info so far tho!!

  • Melissa

    Thank you for coming up with this list, i was at a holistic fair over the weekend and was introduced to doTerra…i wanted to do some research before i dropped $150 for a beginners kit!!!

  • Do you have any thoughts on Now Foods essential oils?

  • Susan Lazore

    Whadaya think about essential oils sold for years in health food stores, like Now, or Aura Cacia?

    • I’ve never personally bought those oils, but a quick google search and crawl of their websites tells me a few things. Neither one seems to offer GC/MS test results, but claim they are ‘purity-tested.’ They also don’t seem to offer much in the way of educational information about how to safely use their oils (literally a quote from Aura Cacia just says “dilute properly” under directions which isn’t helpful at all). While they are pretty cheap, I’m not convinced they meet the quality standards of many of the other affordable companies mentioned here.

  • Joanna Cook

    dōTERRA goes beyond the basic tests with 11 quality tests to guarantee purity and potency and has had 3rd party testing. is an awesome resource for folks to see what dōTERRA is all about and be able to bring up testing done on a certain batch of oil – yes with the lot number on the bottom of the bottle – the one in your hand that is guaranteed. The medical profession is really coming on board with researching the benefits of essential oils and often use dōTERRA because of the consistent quality and purity. I personally love the company and love everything they are about with all the humanitarian work they do in addition to sourcing their oils where they are naturally grown, often in 3rd world countries and then paying a consistent above fair market value along with helping get villages/families set up revitalizing these areas to get the best oils. Their Healing Hands Foundation is doing amazing work around the world. In addition, I have never been so impressed with customer service from any other company! I would welcome the essential oil world to be looked at with a fine tooth comb and feel totally confident dōTERRA would rank at the top! Seems to me it’s a win win that I don’t mind paying for – certified pure therapeutic grade (yes dōTERRA’s label) while knowing I’m also supporting a village/family/community wherever that particular oil is indigenous and best sourced. Just my opinion since you asked and since the essential oil world is not regulated, you do have to do your own research and go with the company that you feel you can trust completely not just the one with the best price. Changing the world one drop at a time! Have an absolutely awesome day!

  • Joanna Cook

    Apparently my opinion on which oil company I use and why was not welcome as requested above. I did not talk trash about any other company, just only as to why I chose the company I did. I also did not try to send folks to my site to order from me. In the event I have the opportunity, I will be sure to let others know that you are biased in your opinions and as you say trying to “help” others, in actuality you are not.

    • Joanna,
      I appreciate all the information in your previous comment, and I’m not quite sure why you think it wasn’t welcome. According to Disqus your first comment was only posted 21 hours ago and this one 2 hours ago, and I only come on to approve comments once a day. I want you to be sure that I wouldn’t delete a comment unless it violated the terms of use of my website, as I am open to all informed opinions here and ultimately hope my readers learn not just from me but from each other. I hope you have a wonderful day as well 🙂

      • Joanna Cook

        I truly want to apologize Rachel as I should not assume you would not welcome my comment with not giving it more time. I guess I was quick to assume because of discussions similar to this where similar comments were not accepted/included or deleted in a discussion. Again my sincere apologies and thank you so much. Joanna

  • Bhardwaj

    What do you think about NUMA essential oils ?

  • Brenda Ingwersen Smith

    I would love if you’d do a review of Melaleuca – The Wellness Company’s essential oils! I purchase them as a preferred customer and they are priced similar to your two preferred companies and have stringent testing standards.

  • Melissa

    I’m so happy that you agree when it comes to Plant Therapy. Out of most of the companies you have mentioned, Plant Therapy is above par when it comes to customer service, shipping times, and prices.

  • Katie Simecka

    Thank you so much for this information! It can be very overwhelming when you first start researching oils. I also can never find a straight answer. Do you know anything about Simply Earth? I just started using them. I also just looked and they do have some GC/MS test results on their website. Thanks!

    • Lisa

      I also just rececntly started using essential oils. I have a family member who uses doterra and she gave me some samples. I loved the oils she gave me to diffuse and ordered a couple bottles. I wanted to try more but they were quite expensive, so I started searching and researching and also found Simply Earth. Any thoughts on them? Thanks!

      • Jennifer

        I too am curious about Simply Earth! I love their message and that they’re a small family company. I want to learn more about their quality! I’m thinking about just ordering a few and testing them out so I called and left a VM.

    • Hello. I’m the CoFounder of Simply Earth, so a little bias here, but we do 3rd party GC/MS testing on our oils and are working on the ability for our customer to enter in each bottles batch code number on our website so that they can see the oil source, GC/MS testing, and hard metal and pesticide testing for each batch 🙂 We are excited!

      • Hi Lee! Thanks for the input! I’d love to have an update on when those features are available so that I can revisit my review of your company at that time.

        • Jennifer

          I am looking forward to any future updates!!

    • Jennifer

      I too am a newbie to essential oils. I am loving the idea of their therapeutic properties being a natural source for cleansers and topical uses. I’ve only ever tried NOW, KIS, and Young Living essential oils. I have really been wanting to try out the Simply Earth company but have found limited research on the purity of their oils. So it was great to find a blog post and a comment sharing their experiences. I am curious about Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain essential oils now too! Such a great post and was just what I was looking for!

  • tarapilos

    Wow Rachel, another incredibly well thought out, researched, & well-written post/ article by you! Thank you so much for this information. It’s great to know. I’ve always been a bit skeptical of YL without knowing why. Your info is invaluable! I recently came across an essential oil & beauty product company called living Libations ( I’d love your thoughts on them! I’m particularly interested in their products for teeth including a book about holistic care for teeth. I was raised using Tom’s of Maine & had no cavities until my 20’s. Now, after using Crest Vivid White for years I continue to get cavities & my teeth aren’t as white as they were before. Living Libations has a tooth care regimen I’d love to hear your thoughts on if you have time to check it out! They are quite expensive but on the surface seem to be a lovely company. Thank you & have a marvelous day! ?Tara

  • Charlotte Kim Has anyone heard of Melaleuca essential oils? Are they effective and in highest quality? They claim they have the best oils. Please see the screen shot below

    • Hmm, I have tried them but don’t use them anymore since I have moved on to one that IMHO is the best…I will also say that this screen shot is not accurate according to my research…I have also studied the chemistry for 3 yrs. I’ve tried many over the last 20 yrs & have stuck with one for the last 5 because of the chemistry. Most of these blogs omit that aspect due to the effort it takes so I don’t put much validity in one person’s opinion about which company is best…it’s just an opinion. I do find that there are more healthcare professionals that use the brand that I use & it has the most science backing it through their exclusive partnerships with well known hospitals & universities worldwide ….more integrity & transparency. So many companies make comparisons that have no value & can only impress an untrained eye & nose, LOL .

      • Debbie Andulics

        Can you share which company you use?

      • MIPENPAL

        Which company is it that you believe is the best?

  • Brenda Smith

    I appreciate all the info you provide on essential oils. I get mine thru my shopping club membership with Melaleuca. I used to get them thru Young Living but found that I could get them for less thru Melaleuca. They are tested more stringently than either YL or doTerra. Not saying they are better. They are as good at a lower price and that is what I was looking for. Someone posted an image of the testing here in this thread. They are 100% pure but they don’t use the term “therapeutic grade” as that is not a verifiable term but a marketing term. The only downside to buying from Melaleuca is they don’t provide a LOT of information about using but I’ve found this information readily available online with awesome sites like this one. 🙂

    • Jeannette Elise Forget

      Just happy to hear from another “sister”from Melaleuca and my thoughts are the same about this company!

  • Sheri Bialecki

    I purchase my oils from Eden’s Garden. They were reviewed by another site as ok but they did some improvements and asked to be re-reviewed and now they have a good rating plus a check mark on ‘trying to become better’. I agree the information isn’t all at your fingertips on the website but I wanted to comment on their amazing customer service. I have messaged them twice – once on a shipment error and once for clarification on a recipe they provided and both times I got instant responses that were very helpful. I know the packaging shouldn’t be a factor, but it is beautiful and you can tell they put pride in their product.

    • Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely add in the bit about their customer service.

  • Jeannette Elise Forget

    Just wanted to let you know I am still a customer of YLEO but have no intentions of re-ordering from this company. Last June, I joined and I love this shopping club! Their essential oils are much cheaper and I love how they take care of their customers! Interesting facts you gave us on so many other oil companies out there! Thank you for this information!

  • Peg Yang

    Your post is thorough, very clear, scientific, and super helpful! Thank you for great people like you to help us out. A big hug of thank you!

  • Bella Tolentino

    Hi Rachel!
    Thank you so much for this information.It was very helpful! What are your thoughts about Radha beauty essential oils?I’m quite new about this so just wanted to know your thoughts.Thanks! 🙂

    • No thoughts yet, but it will be on the list for the next update!

  • Laura phillips

    I highly recommend Aromatics International. They have an amazing, informative website, excellent customer service, and meet all of your criteria. I am a certified Aromatherapist, and feel very confident using all of their products. They might not have the least expensive oils, but I do believe that you usually get what you pay for. I think their prices are competitive for the high quality they offer.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll put it on the list for the next huge review update.

  • Jaime L. Orr

    Have you looked at The Plant Guru? I’ve been buying with them and had no complaints, but I’m terribly new to eos

    • I have not, but I can add it to the list!

      • Jaime L. Orr

        Awesome! I look forward to hearing what you find!

  • Kendra McNack

    Would you add Hopewell Essential Oils to your list to evaluate, please?

  • Heather

    What do you think about Fabulous Frannies??

    • I’ve never heard of them, but they’ll go on the list for the next update!

  • Paula Bissember

    Thanks for this information. I am an advocate for one the MLM companies but that is only because I didn’t know better at the time and I wanted to ensure top quality oils for my family. However, the prices are way too high for our continued growing family and reducing budget. I use EO’s aromatically, topically and on occasion internally. The oils I use internally include your citrus oils, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, etc. From what I understand in your post, these oils are of the same when compared to MLM companies. With that stated are PT oils just as safe to use internally if one was to use it at their own discretion?

    • As long as you are buying a pure oil, as I believe PTs oil are, it should be just as safe to use internally. HOWEVER, note that not all essential oils, purity aside, are safe to use internally, so please be careful with this. Sending an oil through your digestive system is very different than absorbing it through your skin.

      • Paula Bissember

        Thank you so much for your research and response. All that you stated is noted in reference to taking them internally. Happy New Year!

      • Marites T. Ignacio

        each oil have their toxicity level for sure. and I am wary about those that come from resins of trees. however, can we say that oils of herbs (mint, rosemary, peppermint, etc) we use for cooking and those from citrus (lemon, orange, tangerine, etc) are safe to use internally. would appreciate your assessment. and God bless your efforts to help us

        • Without doing a ton of research on the subject, I’ll say that what you say makes sense. Just keep in mind that the oils are very concentrated, and it can be easy to take too much, and sending an oil through your digestive system can end up breaking it down, meaning you won’t get the same effect as if you applied it topically.

  • MortalCombatMom

    Love love love my Melaleuca Oils!!!! Although they have had the tea tree oil for as long as I can remember, I believe they rolled out the essential oils in or about 2015. Everytime I order there is more information about their oils and how to use them. Also, if you have member access to the site you are able to access more information and tools as well as purchase them at a significant discount. I have been using their home products since 2002, my son who was very allergic to detergents and I gave it a try, have never looked back!!!

  • Rebekah

    I really enjoyed your article! I order mainly from a company called Spark Naturals and sometimes from Camp Wander.. I wondered if you had heard of either of these and what your thoughts were of them??

    • Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it. I actually haven’t heard of those companies, but they can go on the list for the next round of updates.

  • Holly Hill Latham

    Lovely to see the company I use , Plant Therapy, was your top choice.

  • Sharon

    Hi wondering how you feel about the company called Real Oil….I just ordered from them they seem good from all that I read.

    • I’ve never heard of them, but I can add them to the growing list of new companies to review.

  • WeAllWantJustice

    It’s too bad that you jumped the gun.… just saying…

    • I’m not really sure what you’re implying, but I’m happy with the companies I use.

  • Cris Haskins

    I just found your site yesterday, thank you for sharing. If possible can you add Ananda Apothecary to your list? Again thank you for all the work you have put into this.